Friday, January 11, 2019

Valentine's Day (2010) Movie Story and Review

"Stories of Saint Valentine" presents the interwoven stories of a diverse group of Los Angeles residents who move between romance and broken hearts on a Valentine's Day. Both couples and those who are alone experience the good and the bad of finding, maintaining or ending relationships on the day of love.

An army officer in Iraq (Roberts) gets permission to spend a few days in Los Angeles. On the same plane back home coincides with a gay man (Cooper) whose lover is a soccer player.

The owner of a florist (Kutcher) proposes marriage to his girlfriend (Alba), although he realizes that he is in love with one of his best friends (Garner), who in turn discovers that her boyfriend is married.

A retired and happy woman (MacLaine), mother of the officer, tells the great secret of her past to her husband.

A young woman (Hathaway) who works for the largest talent agency in the city, has stayed with a postal worker.

For an unfortunate publicist in love (Biel), Valentine's Day Quotes  is just another day.

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